Nicole Kidman

Friday, November 03, 2006

Nicole Kidman Pregnancy

Photoshop Fake! Nicole Kidman Pregnancy Clever Computer Trick

The latest rumors of a Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban baby on the way have been summarily dismissed by her rep, who are now using the excuse that Kidman was "photoshopped", not unlike recent photos of Katie Couric that were revealed as doctored dupes in the blogosphere.

Now, says Catherine Olim, the tabs "wasted their money" on those pictures. "She's not pregnant." New Deal magazine, in which the picture appeared, reportedly dumped $20,000 on the phony photos.. which actually look quite real.

"I'm virtually certain paparazzi are distorting photos to make her look pregnant," Olim said. "I've seen her, she's her regular slender self."

The problem is.. when no baby shows up, the so-called photog loses all credibility, and taints the mag who bought the shots with the same loss of reputation. The disappointed fans and punk'd media outlets who reprinted the false info don't deserve the drama

'Eyes Wide Shut' Ended Nicole Kidman/Tom Cruise Marriage

Sexy thriller "Eyes Wide Shu" ended Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's marriage because the couple's characters were too close for comfort, according to a new Kidman biography.

In his new study, Nicole Kidman, film historian David Thomson claims the former couple held a mirror up to their relationship issues when they signed up for the 1999 Stanley Kubrick film.

Thomson says, "I think she learned from him just what was required in taking charge of yourself. That's what broke them up.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nicole Kidman

OSCAR winning actress NICOLE KIDMAN has told how she enjoys stripping off on screen.

The Aussie actress strips off in new movie Fur: An Imaginary Portrait Of Diane Arbus and thinks nudity is “no big deal”.

But then it wouldn’t be if you have a body like Nicole’s.

She said: “Honestly is nudity onscreen that big a deal? I think you say you're going to do something for a film because you believe in it artistically and you don't censor yourself emotionally.

“If the love scenes and the nudity is a necessity for the piece and it’s not exploitive then it doesn’t weigh that heavily on me.”

The star also admits divorcing TOM CRUISE allowed her to concentrate on her career.

She explained: “When I got divorced I was able to go and explore myself artistically because I didn’t feel I was betraying my relationship or my devotion to the person I was with.”